Intensive Sculpture Course

This sculpture course introduces you to various materials, teaches you different techniques, and offers you a solid background in sculpture. During this course, which begins with clay modelling, you will work on several projects such as a relief sculpture, portrait sculpture, found object, creative sculpture, and many more. 

Introduction to Sculpture: Create a Bell pepper in Clay

This course is the introduction to sculpting for beginner students, because the student learns to create the likeness by observing and creating simple organic shapes and that is the first step to begin the journey of learning sculpture. 

Michelangelo's David Casts

Students choose between the nose, lips, the ear or the eye of David’s casts to start and create a clay copy of the chosen feature. The goal is to create a likeness of David’s Michelangelo’s features in terms of the correct height and forms and shapes. Before jumping to the portrait, this course is strongly recommended. 

Sculpting the Skull

In this course students will start making a human skull. There will be a cast of human skull and students will learn how to create the skull using direct observation. The goal is to observe and sculpting facial bones. Like the Michelangelo's David cast, the skull cast will prepare the student to make a portrait.

Self Portrait in Clay

After completing David's features and the skull successfully, you can move to the next stage: a self-portrait! In this course, you will learn how to sculpt a portrait of yourself based on photographs from scratch. At a later stage, we can hire a model and sculpt from life. Additional course is required if you wish to cast your work in plaster. 

Relief Sculpture

You will learn how to create a relief sculpture. You can explore and choose different types of relief sculpture, such as low relief and high relief. The duration of the course depends on the number and the kind of the project(s) you have in mind.

Creative Sculpture Techniques

This course will flourish your creativity! During this course, you train your creative mind and learn various methods to come up with new concepts and ideas. You will start by exploring photo and text collage, wire and paper sculpting, as well as Unolit. You will then learn creative techniques with plaster and clay. At first, you will learn a new, creative, and quick technique to create relief sculpture. Later on, you explore using pieces of wood and direct plaster to create an abstract form that could be figurative in an abstract way.

Portrait From Life

Students will learn how to create a portrait from life. This course can include additional costs to cover the fees to hire a model. Students will have a step by step guidance on how to create a portrait sculpture in clay. The method is based on Florence Academy of Art. Hence, this course requires some level of experience. 

Introduction to Stone Carving

If you like to learn and experience stone carving but you did not know how to start, then this course is for you! Introduction to stone carving, learn how to carve Siporex stone which is soft and ideal for beginners. You will choose a design and create your sculpture. 

Introduction to Found Object Sculpture

Sculpture is not only limited to clay, plaster, and bronze; but also mixed media and everyday objects! The art of converting everyday objects into artwork in order to recreate meanings is called found object sculpture. If you are curious to experience it, don't hesitate to join us! This course is an introduction to found object, installation, mixed media, and conceptual art. During these five sessions, you will learn creative methods to develop your personal project. 

Plaster Cast Technique

Depending on each project you can make a plaster cast of your work and have your sculpture forever! Learn this useful technique with us. The course duration varies from person to person and per project.

***These courses are offered at the moment but we will update the courses once we add a new course, so please check again if you are looking for a different course!